What Are The Leading Reasons Behind Home Accidents?

Home accidents are quite uncertain as they might occur at any point of time. If the basic causes of these accidents are known, then they can be prevented easily. Both kids and seniors are highly exposed towards these accidents and thus special protective measures should be adopted.

Common causes:

  • Slip-and-fall is the general cause of home accidents. This sudden fall usually occurs due top uneven or extremely slippery floors.
  • Burns can happen due to the misuse of gas ovens. This often happens to the housewives, especially at the time of cooking food for family-members.
  • If the household objects or furniture remain badly scattered here and there, then you might get tumble down at any point of time. This incident happens to kids quite on a frequent note as they scatter their toys here and there.
  • Glass objects might fall and break down into pieces and you might get hurt by these pieces. Sometimes, severe injuries, especially deeper cuts, bruises and others might occur from broken glass pieces.
  • Electrical defects can create a great mess. Bare wires or open wire-ends can bring dangerous accidents. Sometimes these accidents are life-threatening in nature and thus it is better staying away from them.
  • Poisoning from pesticides or other pest removing sprays might occur. This situation is dangerous, especially for kids and pets.

If you think that only living beings are being injured by home accidents, then you are absolutely wrong. The fact is that residential properties also get equally damaged due to home accidents.

What Are The Best Electrical Safety Tips?


If you want to protect your house from unwanted electrical hassles then you should adopt various useful protective measures from the very beginning. Electrical safety can be invited by means of repairing all kinds of electrical malfunctions on time.

Safety tips:

  • All kinds of electrical devices including electrical games should be turned-off when they are not into use.
  • Overloading of sockets can bring dangerous situations and thus the sockets need to be protected against overloading. Every socket should have only one plug and then only loading trouble can be eliminated.
  • The fuse-box should be checked all the time, so that underlying defects can be easily removed. If the defects remain undetected, then electrical shocks might arise.
  • The kitchen appliances should be properly used and make sure that the wires are not defective otherwise accidents might occur.
  • Electricity and liquids should not be mixed with each other as it brings a blast and this blast can be so disastrous that human lives can be endangered.
  • Wire-coding should be properly done and in this respect, it is better to hire any expert electrical contractor.
  • Do not allow your kids to touch any of the electrical wires or appliances with wet-hands as chronic injuries might get developed.

Though DIY tools can be kept at home for security purposes, but it is recommended calling any professional especially for handling emergency purposes. If you want to stay protected from electrical hassles then you should definitely follow the above safety strategies without any fail.